Thanks to Joel of Revolution Vegetale, vegans find the taste of yesteryear desserts.  A big thank you to him , Mister Vegan.
Here our own version of Le mystère, we wanted to offer to all english speakers.

Mister Vegan (glace mystère)

For 2 people.
– 200 ml of soy cream
– 2 tablespoons agave nectar
– 2 plugs of vanilla extract
– 4-5 tbs of praline
– 30 ml of very thick chickpea juice
– 5 tbs shaved of brown sugar
For the recipe of vanilla ice cream , see our article and divide the quantities by two .
Recipe of the meringue :
Whisk 30 ml chickpea juice in a metal bowl for 10 minutes , gradually increasing speed. When they are firm , gradually add sugar while continuing to beat even good 3 min. Form small meringues with a socket or so dumplings with spoons . Bake at 125 ° for 1:20.
Let cool.
Etapes élaboration Mister VeganTake a glass of water and put in a cellophane film. The garnish 3/4 ice (consistency Italian ) . Press Y 2 meringues together. Top with remaining ice and level the surface . Frozen glasses for 3 solid hours .
Meringue intérieurIn a bowl , put the praline and will ride the ice.
Serve .
Meringue vegan au chocolat PS : the rest of meringue can be enjoyed in nature , or as suggested here , covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate .


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