This is a traduction of one of our cheesecake recipes that makes friends crazy. Its to say : completly nuts ! Now for all of you english speakers. Enjoy !
For the tart bottom:
– 200 g of hazelnut vegan biscuits
– 40 margarine
For the cheesecake apparatus :
– 400 silky tofu
– 130 g of firm tofu
– 70 g of toasted hazelnut puree
– 35 g of corn starch
– 100 g of sugar
For the pralin:
– 130 g of coarsely crushed hazelnuts
– 6 teaspoon of Maple Syrup
Oil the hinged pan (18 cm / 7 inches) and put a parchment paper disc in the bottom (very handy for demolding).
For the dough, mix the biscuits and the margarine.
By lining the bottom of the mold, use the bottom of a glass to equalize the surface.
Mix the ingredients of the cheesecake in a robust and homogeneous mixture.
Pour over the bottom of pie.
Bake at 356°F (rotating heat) for 35 min.
12 min before the end of cooking prepare the hazelnuts praline.
Heat a skillet, roast the crushed hazelnuts on a low heat, stirring constantly (not to burn them) for about ten minutes.
Pour in maple syrup and spread well.
Continue cooking for 2 min.
Pour on the cheesecake when it comes out of the oven.
Allow the cake to cool to room temperature and cool for at least 6 hours (best overnight).


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